About Special Interest Vehicle Manufacturers and Suppliers

The health and strength of the special interest vehicle (SIV) industry is vital to the quality of vehicles, parts and services provided to SIV owners. It contributes significant economic value to the NZ economy.

It is unique and warrants a specialist trade association; Special Interest Vehicle Manufacturers and Suppliers (SIVMAS).

The goal over the next 12 months is to collaborate with the industry to shape a networking and strategic special interest vehicle business association. The outcome of that effort needs to be an organisation that can demonstrate the strength, diversity, quality and depth of the SIV manufacturing and supply industry and the value to the NZ economy.

We envision trade shows and seminars creating opportunities to connect members to share knowledge, information and to discuss industry wide issues that matter to members.

SIVMAS and SIVANZ members are inherently linked; both require the existence of the other for the growth, development and quality of the SIV industry. SIV owners can expect to be impacted by future regulatory and compliance challenges. If, or when, restrictions and constrictions occur the businesses supplying SIV owners will be equally affected.

Special interest vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are a specialist industry made up of extraordinary talent making a significant contribution to the SIV market and NZ economy.