About the Special Interest Vehicle Association of  NZ

$3,375,000,000 ($3.4bn rounded). That’s a conservative calculation* of the value of special interest vehicles on the road or in our garages. That’s assuming 1 car per person and does not consider the high end restorations of classics, hot rod builds or imported vehicles.

The calculation does not include cars that belong to an individual who does not belong to a club or other organisation; these people and cars are currently invisible; SIVANZ can help you have a voice.

The language used by politicians, some lobby groups and benefitting businesses is changing rapidly around the topic of climate change, electric vehicles, emissions and the life span of fossil fuel.

Special interest vehicle owners likely face some interesting times ahead with respect to owning or using special interest vehicles. SIVANZ wants to ensure all special interest vehicle owners have support available to them through advocacy, information and guidance in the event of an issue arising for a member.

We have to engage in the discussions and prepare for potential regulatory and or compliance changes around the use of our vehicles. At $3.4bn the investment in special interest vehicles is huge and worth being organisaed for.

Without the continued rights to use our vehicles the value of our investments is likely to fall significantly. The flow on impact will be felt by the manufacturers and suppliers of special interest vehicle parts and services as well.

SIVANZ wants to make your voice count by being actively involved in the issues that matter and impact on our ability to use and own our vehicles. We can do this collectively much better than we can do it alone.

*. Total = (Published organisation(s) Membership Numbers x Estimated value per vehicle) 1. Membership numbers taken from other national organisations published membership numbers. 2. Est value @$45,000 per vehicle is an arbitrary, conservative value.