We partner with you to preserve the use of special interest vehicles on our roads and to connect with special interest vehicle related businesses.

The language used by politicians, some lobby groups and benefitting businesses is rapidly changing around the topic of climate change, electric vehicles, emissions and the life span of fossil fuels.

As special interest vehicle owners we have to engage in the discussions and prepare for potential regulatory and or compliance changes around the use of our vehicles.


The Special Interest Vehicle Association of  New Zealand (SIVANZ) provides a connectivity and support platform for individuals who currently don’t have any club or group to represent their interests, or, special interest vehicle (SIV) owners who are looking for an alternative organisation.

SIVANZ wants to make your voice count and be actively involved in the issues that matter and impact on our ability to use and own SIV’s. We can do this collectively much better than we can do it alone.

Create a Membership Forum and business networking events exclusively for special interest vehicle manufacturers and suppliers.
Connect Special Interest Vehicle Manufacturers and Suppliers. Developing strength that comes from membership numbers
We want to support and host events that showcase your cars.
We will lobby for and on behalf of all members.
The Special Interest Vehicle Association of New Zealand will monitor regulatory and compliance change proposals to ensure special interest vehicle owners are not treated unfairly compared to other road users.
The individual Member Forum allows you to keep in touch with friends and new colleagues.

Latest News

April 26, 2021

SIVANZ Submission to the Climate Change Commission

Special Interest Vehicle Association of New Zealand Submission on the Climate Change Commission 2021 Draft Advice Report for Consultation. Andrew […]
September 6, 2020


SIVTalk #2. SIVANZ was really excited to be interviewed by the Teng Tools Muscle Car garage crew. The show aired […]
September 6, 2020

Special Interest Vehicle Armageddon?

This opinion piece was penned by SIVANZ Head Honcho Andrew Ferrier-Kerr and had a prominent place in the most recent […]
March 13, 2020

SIVMAS Industry Survey Results

SIVANZ is pleased to present the results of the first ever Special Interest Vehicle Manufacturers and Suppliers (SIVMAS) Industry Survey. […]
August 28, 2019

Moving the light vehicle fleet to low emissions: Discussion paper on a Clean Car Standard and Clean Car Discount

Take a look at SIVANZ’s submission to Government. The discussion papers and supporting information total 250 pages so it’s a […]
July 25, 2019

SIVANZ at CRC SpeedShow

Mike, Jody and I had a ball at the CRC Speedshow on 20-21 July. We met so many really nice […]

Glossary of terms used on this web site.

To keep things as simple and as easy as possible, the following abbreviations are designed to save writing the long hand version of the Special Interest Vehicle Association of New Zealand each time the name gets mentioned.
SIVANZ: Special Interest Vehicle Association of New Zealand
SIV: Special Interest Vehicle
SIVO: Special Interest Vehicle Owner
SIVENT: Special Interest Vehicle Event
SIVMAS: Special Interest Vehicle Manufacturers and Suppliers